Reader Question: I Slept With Another Woman…

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Q: My girlfriend and I broke up for a while and I slept with another girl. Now we’re back together, but she can’t forgive me.

Seeing it as “cheating”, even if you guys were temporarily broken up, is not uncommon. It all depends on the break-up status and what was discussed. If you were officially broken up, the unspoken rule is that both parties have the right to move on with their separate lives and date or be intimate with whomever they choose.

It’s more important to focus on why you broke up in the first place to try to prevent it from happening again, rather than fixating on what happened when you guys were apart. If she’s struggling to forgive you, I suggest working hard on getting her trust back, even though her thoughts might seem irrational.

Most likely, she’s just feeling very insecure. Broach her feelings by being honest and open about yours. Focus on what you have now and work at having a trusting, loving and caring relationship to prevent a separation occurring again.

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