“I Breastfeed My Boyfriend”

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So apparently Adult Breastfeeding Relationships (ABR) are a thing.

Jennifer Mulford of Atlanta has reportedly quit her job in order to tend the breastfeeding needs of her boyfriend Brad.

After Jennifer found the Adult Breastfeeding Relationship website, she wanted to find someone who would be open to the idea of adult breastfeeding. She said she had read so many stories of the “pure joy” Adult Breastfeeding Relationships brought to others, and she was desperate to find a partner to share that kind of profound emotional bond.

She found it in her boyfriend Brad who apparently has always liked big-breasted women and was willing to give ABR a go.

Of course you can’t just start breastfeeding if you haven’t recently had a baby so there was plenty of work required for her to start lactating. Pills and long hours of suckling mean that Jennifer had to quit her job in order to devote time to ABR.