How To Survive A Road Trip With Your Girl

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Naomi Percy explains how to bond with your girl on the road

Enlist Her Services

Riding shotgun is great, but she doesn’t’ expect you to command the ship solo. Ask her to Google Map the nearest garage or be the official navigator. Does she enjoy being behind the wheel? Then share the driving if she offers. Is she owns part of the journey, she’ll dig the teamwork.

Run Your Mouth

The open road is one of the best places to have an uninterrupted conversation. Brainstorm business ideas together, or talk about what you’d each do over in your lives. She wants to know what makes you tick. Open up on your own and the conversation will flow.

Make A Move

if things heat up, don’t try to pull her over the centre console to the backseat. Just exit and switch. And forget about missionary. It’s not a bed. Opt for girl-on-top, with you sitting in the middle. She’ll have room for her knees on either side, and you can peer over her shoulder for the pigs.

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