How To Flirt Better

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We recently received a mail from Gary in Port Elizabeth asking us how he could flirt better. We thought we’d let you lot in on what we told him.

There are many paths to a woman’s digits, 
but only one shortcut: humour. Now, you may 
be thinking, but I try to be funny, and it never 
works! There’s your problem: the more you 
try for laughs, the fewer you receive. That’s 
why Dr Theresa DiDonato, an assistant professor of psychology at Loyola University Maryland, suggests building off something you have in common, such as a hot topic in the news or 
an event you both just witnessed. But if you just saw, say, the bartender spill a drink, resist the urge to turn him into a punchline: DiDonato’s research shows that the best flirtation strategy 
is affiliative humour – warm, low-key, playful 
joking – rather than mean-spirited quips.

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