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Modeling is all luck… the least hardworking person with a special face can be huge

When Andy Roddick married Brooklyn Decker in 2009, the tennis star bought himself a second wedding band. It was a spare, he said: he’d be taking the ring off so often for workouts and practices that it would
 be only a matter of time before he lost it. She understood. 
No problem. Honest.

“Well,” Decker says, “I get home from a trip and his ring is unusually shiny – like, ringing out. Really, really shiny. And I knew he’d already been interchanging his two rings, so both were dim. This one is blinding me in the face. This isn’t ring one or two. This is a third ring.”

Decker called her husband on it. He sheepishly admitted to losing both rings, a fact he’d intended to keep secret. “He tries not to tell me whenever he loses anything,” she says. This is a habit she’s trying to break him of – not the habit of losing things, necessarily, but the failure to fess up. “Come clean,” she says. “Guys should definitely come clean.”

Tough sell: men don’t readily acknowledge their mistakes. But Roddick – and all men – have plenty to learn from Decker
 who also happens to be a professional accountant of her own faults, a woman who actively volunteers to enumerate the times she hasn’t measured up.

Brooklyn tells us about

The modelling industry… 
 “I would like to say I’ve achieved goals, but really, modelling is all luck. You’re not really achieving anything. The least hardworking person with a special face can 
be huge and have a whole world of success.”

Her acting career… “I know I’m not at a place right now where I should be getting the roles and movies that I am.”

Feeling intimidated… “I had to do a scene with Liam Neeson, and I was so intimidated. I told him I was afraid of working with him. He said, ‘You’ve just got to enjoy yourself. Who knows how long this career will last for anybody? If you don’t enjoy it, what a waste.’”

Perseverance… “If my skill and the talent aren’t there yet, the work ethic is. And at the beginning, that’s all you can ask of yourself. Eventually the skill will come, 
but the hard work is something you can control.”

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