How To Approach Women At Gym

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Most women I know prefer to sweat in peace. But, come to think of it, my girlfriends who complain about the seedy sweatballs are already taken and just want to be left to train. Some single friends wouldn’t object (at all) to a good-looking guy (genuinely) showing some interest. Know this: she’ll be feeling 
self-conscious. Timing’s important. Aim for when she’s buying a smoothie or heading back to the office, freshly showered, or when she’s replacing her weights. Be straightforward and preface with “I’m not the guy who usually bothers women at the gym.” Then, don’t be that guy. Say you’ve noticed her there before, and would kick yourself if you didn’t man up and say hi. If she’s interested, suggest a coffee, take her number and let her exercise in peace. Or you could just “Like” her hot gym selfie on Instagram and take it from there…

– Amelia Frenkel, MH Girl Next Door

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