Here’s What To Say To Ace A First Date – According To Knockout Stunner Gabrielle Union

Kirsten Macnab |

BY Julie Stewart

Engage in (and extricate yourself from) small talk with fool-proof advice from Being Mary Jane star, Gabrielle Union.

STEP 1: Open with Origin
Forget weather talk and avoid “I’ve heard so much about you!” (Awkward.) Ask about their background: “So, where are you from?” It’s safe but opens options for deeper conversation. “People either have a lot of pride for their home town or horror stories about how they couldn’t wait to get away,” says Union.

STEP 2: Go Highbrow
Try: “Who are your favourite authors?” Even if they’re all about James Patterson and you’re more James Joyce, you’ll give them a chance to talk about what they like to do instead of what they do for a living. This is also a good look for you on a date: “You’re really saying, ‘I think you’re smart. I think you’re well read. I value your brain.’”

STEP 3: Disarm an Oversharer
If the talk veers into medical conditions, political fervour or ex-bashing, change the topic with grace. Union will say “Too much! TMI!” and follow it with a laugh. “People respect it and move on.”

STEP 4: Bail with Skill

Can’t stand the person? “If someone spews racism, sexism or homophobia, I’m going to argue with you, fake an injury or say my mother just SMSed,” says Union. Her last resort: “Say something you ate isn’t agreeing with you. No one will question it.”

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