Has The Definition Of Sex Changed?

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Touching? Kissing? Licking? Cyber…

There’s more to sex than penile-vaginal penetration: a new study in the Journal of Sex Research suggests that men and women’s perceptions about what constitutes having sex may have changed.

Based on 21 different acts, participants were asked to say whether it meets their personal definition of sex.  Most participants agreed that deep kissing isn’t sex, but touching to oral and penetrative acts were defined as sex. (Do you have An Eye For Sex Partners?)

Researchers also asked them to assess the likelihood that certain behaviours they themselves performed constituted sex as opposed to a situation in which their partner was doing the same thing with someone else. Now here’s where double standards comes into play: they were more likely to say the behaviour of their partner was closer to sex than if they had done the very same thing themselves.

When it came to cybersex, women were more likely to perceive it as sex than men. Both men and women said when orgasm was reached it was sex (here’s how to reach Your Best Orgasm).

Physical contacted accounted for 50% of definitions of sex, while 46, 3% said penetration and 28, 7% said genital touching. Almost all of them agreed that penile-vaginal penetration was definitely sex.