The Orgasm Blueprint

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The notoriously elusive female orgasm is possible within just 15 minutes, with a few conditions, says sex coach Jacqueline Hellyer. First is the understanding that a woman’s sexuality 
is like water. “It takes a long time to heat up,” she says. Here’s your blueprint to bring her to the boil

0-5 minutes:
Light her fire

You’ve kept her on a light simmer all day with compliments, consideration 
and kindness. Now you’re 
in bed. The first five or so minutes should be spent 
on standard foreplay: kissing, caressing, stroking her body. “All that is heating her up, allowing her to let go,” says Hellyer.

5-10 minutes: 
Business time

Get into a variation of the 69-position so that you’re lying inverted next to her. First, stretch the skin back on either side of the clitoris to make it pop out. Then perform little “kitty licks”, rather than sloppy doberman-style lapping. “It’s like you’re tickling it with your tongue.” Now, rather than search for the semi-mythical G-spot, use your free hand to go straight to the AFE (anterior fornix erogenous) zone. It’s the soft flesh further down from 
the corrugated area on the upper wall of the vagina. Keep probing a little further in and you might come across a “little doorknob with a dimple in the middle”. That’s her cervix. 
Run your fingers around it. While you’re in the neighbourhood, give the soft area under her cervix a tickle as well, Hellyer recommends.

10-15 minutes: 
Boiling point

Among this quadruple action onslaught of stimulation, your partner should find something she likes. The important thing is that once you discover what that is, keep a consistent rhythm. “If she’s at the point where you can tell she’s going to come, don’t change what you’re doing at all,” urges Hellyer.

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