Get Her In The Mood For Sex

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She’s not in the mood but you are. Here’s how to seduce her in no time…

Talk Dirty in Public

Lie on a blanket in a park, with people all around, and whisper your fantasies to one another, sparing no detail. You’ll create sexual tension, but there’s safety because there’s no possibility of sex then and there.

Kiss For 12 Seconds

A long, lingering smooch reintroduces you to each other. Give her two a day: one in the morning and one as soon as you’re home. Mouths open, arms around each other. Kiss like that for the rest of your lives and passion will never fade.

Use A Chin Rest

Nothing jump-starts her like oral sex, so put one pillow under her hips and another under your chest. It’s easier for her to then adjust her knees and legs. Rest your chin on your fist, and use a finger to put pressure on the bottom of her vagina to heighten the sensation.

Talk Big About The Future

You know her dreams – children, a beach house, season tickets to the Steelers – so tell her your plans to give her that and more. You’re touching a primal desire and emphasizing your long-term commitment.

Go Ahead And Stare

Lavish praise on the lilies and you’ll be invited back to the garden. So concentrate on a favourite body part and talk about how beautiful she is. Make her feel sexy by thinking and saying she’s sexy.

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