Fulfil Your Sex Fantasy

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Want your sex wishes granted? Here’s how to Fulfil Your Sex Fantasy…

Develop A Magic Touch
Ask her where she likes to be massaged and focus on those areas first, says sex advisor Debby Herbenick. Then steer her towards your own hot spots. Sexual satisfaction for men is often tied to the level of affectionate touch they receive, 
Herbenick says.

Test Her Boundaries
Try to balance adventure and safety just right the first time you hook up outdoors. “Start with your garden or a place where you can exercise control,” says Pepper Schwartz, a relationship expert and professor of sociology at the University of Washington.

Avoid Foul Play
Embrace the randomness of role-play, says Logan Levkoff, a sexologist and the author of How to Get Your Wife to Have Sex With You. “Pick a scenario out of a hat,” she says. “Neither partner will feel pressured to choose a fantasy they’re not yet ready to reveal.”

Ensure A Smooth Entrance
Anal anything is never something to rush, says Herbenick. “Your partner should start small, with a finger clad in a lubricated condom or latex glove, and only after a lot of relaxation – like massage.” Be as liberal as you like with lubricant – the more the better.

Forge A Connection
Tantra isn’t just about orgasms – it’s about connection. Schwartz suggests a basic move: face each other, clothed or unclothed. Put your hands on each other’s chest, feeling for your partner’s heartbeat and then try to synchronise your breaths.

Stretch Your Limits
Doing yoga with a partner can provide a boost to your sex life. A study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that yoga improved sexual function in men, and Loyola University researchers found that couples performing yoga together showed improved levels of trust.

Navigate The Three-Way Stop
Set the rules of your threesome in advance, Levkoff says. “The third party must be someone you’re both attracted to; it won’t be enjoyable if only one person is interested.” Agree on what’s off-limits, too, as well as a safe word to call it off if anyone is uncomfortable.

Know Your Limits
Some fantasies are meant to remain what-ifs – yet still provide an upside. “It’s not important to act on every desire,” says Herbenick, “but talking about them can help a couple grow closer, share something of themselves and find other areas of common ground.”

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