Food And Foreplay

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Katy Perry kissed a girl… and what did she remember? The taste of cherry chapstick. Women care more than men do about a pleasant-tasting mouth, possibly because their sense of taste is more finely tuned, reports Evolutionary Psychology. But Hirsch says the effect is more Pavlovian than primal: “if a taste reminds you of a successful sexual experience, it will induce arousal.” (This may explain why you love how she tastes during oral.)

If she doesn’t dig the taste of semen, you probably aren’t going to change her mind. So take the more obvious route to gustatory arousal: food. Choose a victual she rarely eats but enjoys–say, chocolate-covered cherries–and feed it to her during foreplay.

“The sex reinforces the pleasure of food, and the pleasure of food reinforces the sex,” says Hirsch. Eventually the food alone may be enough to trigger her arousal.