First Date Tips From April Rose

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April Rose is a TV host / personality who currently appears on 4 TV channels simultaneously. She is a cast member of MTV2’s GUY CODE and its spin off, MTV’s GIRL CODE. She hosts FOX Sports Network’s “Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction”. April is also the host and Executive producer for “Face Off with April Rose”, which airs on Chicago’s Comcast SportsNet Network.

Want to date a girl like April Rose? Then use her tips and get the first date right.

1. The sexiest thing a guy could ever do to plan a first date is;

A. Ask me what kind of food I like

B. Say ‘ Does 8:00pm work? I’ll pick you up then’.

It’s simple, yet guys are insecure about making such small decisions as what restaurant to go to and what time, when all a girl really wants is a confident man, epically when it comes to a first date.

2. I don’t care how forward thinking your girl is, there’s something instinctual about her looking to you as a protector. Make it your ‘thing’ to make her aware of your actions. You walk on the street side of her at all times to protect from traffic. At a restaurant, your back is to the wall facing the door so you can be on the look out for danger. And most importantly, so she knows you can lead into battle, when walking into a new place you are a step ahead of her, but always holding her hand so no pirates can snatch her up!

3. Remember, what you talk about on a first date is the most important information you want us to know about you, because your bringing it up right away. So, if you bring up an EX, how you were scorned by women, or that you’ve been too wild to tame, chances are we won’t volunteer to be the ones to do it.

4. I’m all about being independent and making my own money, but if a guy doesn’t flip for the first date he will be judged. It’s not because were all gold diggers, it’s that we want to be important to you. You work hard for your money, when you spend it on us we see that as an investment in a real relationship. It’s also just plain hot! We like to be taken care of…and so do you…!

5. Are you embarrassed to hold the door? That’s probably because you still live with your parents. Time to grow up and hold the door open, its a simple little act of affection and respect that goes a long way…exactly where you want it most.

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