Ex Appeal

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Afraid your GF has a 
roving eye? When your relationship is on the rocks, her ex is your biggest threat. University of Toronto scientists found that women in unsatisfying relationships were more likely to long for 
former flames than new prospects. Fond memories may help her cope with current strains, says study author Dr Stephanie Spielman. If you suspect your girlfriend is eyeing up her ex, invest in areas of your relationship – such as quality time together or physical affection – that she thinks are lacking. Then her ex is more likely to stay out of her head – and her bed.

Her ex relationships, although the cardinal rule is never to speak about them with each other, might just be the learning tool you need in order to better yours. Learning about her past relationships can give you an idea of she wants and needs out of this one. Follow the link and find out What You Can Learn From Her Ex. So enquire about her past so that you don’t end up being apart of it.

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