Do This To Get More Sex – Tonight!

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In her 10 years at the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University, co-director Dr Debby Herbenick has studied intercourse from every angle (including a few that defy explanation and physics).

Next up: how couples use lubricant in the sack. The study is ongoing, but here’s what Herbenick has found so far: nearly half of women find it easier to reach orgasm with lube. That’s 
reason enough, she says, to keep a water-based formula, like Durex Play Feel (R73, Clicks), in your nightstand.

Be Her Best Ever…
Use Herbenick’s lab-tested tools to get more sex – tonight!

“Emotional intimacy is a key predictor of a couple’s sexual satisfaction. Men unconsciously crave affection – kissing, touching, cuddling – as much as women do, but they tend to initiate it only when they’re looking to have sex. Snuggle on the couch while you watch TV. Kiss her on your way out the door. These things make a big difference.”

“Many women have insecurities about how their hips, thighs, genitals or whole body looks naked. Just before you perform oral sex on her, say, ‘I love the way you look.’ It goes a long way. Many women’s conceptions of their bodies have changed entirely in an instant because a partner told her he thought she was beautiful down there.”


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