Can I Take A Girl Seriously Online?

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The internet has blessed us with easier ways of meeting new people – even your potential baby mama. But because body language is so important, we cannot tell what people’s real intentions are on social media platforms. If you have developed serious feelings for a girl in a chat room, and expressed your feelings to her but it’s not reciprocal, here’s the lowdown.  “Chat rooms” might be the problem. It’s very difficult to gauge people’s real intentions in a digital space – she might have led you on in spontaneous, flirty chats or not been completely clear about what she’s after; a virtual friendship might be all she wants. Or she could be questioning whether you’re genuine. Suggest meeting up to talk in person about what you both want from the relationship. If she continues to avoid you, take it as a sign and move on. If that’s the case, time to move on from your online fling to a real life fling. Try these tips on Getting A Girl’s Number and these 4 Skills To Woo A Woman.