Can I Date My Neighbor?

Men's Health |

A gorgeous woman just moved into my apartment block. How can I ask her out without seeming like a stalker?

Stop staring and say something. It’s not like opening lines are in short supply here. Find out where she’s from, when she moved in, how she likes it so far. (One question at a time, remember.) If your building has some weird parking quirk or the guy on the body corporate is just plain mental, share some insider tips. You’ll seem helpful and she’ll feel welcome. Offer her a hand, casually mind, setting up her place. Volunteer for the toughest and least glamorous jobs – and do them with a smile. When the work is done, see if she’s hungry. And don’t give up – if she turns you down, it could just be that she needs a shower after a hectic moving day (not another opportunity to offer to give her a hand, by the way).

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