Can A Mattress Destroy Your Sex Life?

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Originally designed by NASA for use in space shuttle seats, memory foam mattresses absorb body heat and softens to hug the contours of the body while absorbing shock waves from any type of movement.

Eighty percent of memory foam mattress owners claim to be satisfied with their beds, but only 40% are satisfied with the performance of their mattresses during sex.

Are consumers making a conscious decision valuing a good nights sleep over sex? What accounts for this imbalance of satisfaction?

Popular reasons citing why memory foam is not conducive to good sex include the surface not being firm enough to gain leverage, sinking into the mattress, and lack of bounce. Some claim sex is more physically exerting because they are combating the properties of memory foam.

Our advice: buy a mattress based on it’s sleeping properties, there’s still plenty of sex you can have without having to rely on the bounce of your bed.

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