Breaking the Internet with Amber Rose

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Last year Kim K broke the Internet with an epic photo shoot that left nothing to the imagination. The year has just begun and already the Internet is bursting wide open once more with the latest series of photos from American hip-hop artist, model, actress and fashion designer, Amber Rose.

Amber may not be as popular as the great sex tape, reality TV show diva, Kim K, but this bombshell started of her career performing striptease at the age of 15 under the name “Paris” to help provide for her family. She has walked the runway of New York Fashion Week. She has made cameos in numerous music videos as well as appearing on some reality TV shows like “Running Russell Simmons”. Rose also once swam in the romantic pool of Kanye’s heart for two years between 2008 and 2010 before she married rapper Wiz Khalifa in 2012, had a child and more recently got divorced.

So Rose and Kim do share some common similarities especially their best ASSets. Have a look at these pictures of Amber below sporting a string bikini on her Instagram account. The whole weekend she adorned such revealing bikinis in a series of super sexy snaps showcasing her physique from every single angle. This is no first time for Amber showing of skin on social media. This is what has made her the Instagram star she is today.

Taking into account the famous Kim K shoot with these recent Rose photos, who do you think wore it best? Personally, Amber is definitely a perfect budding Rose!

amber rose

amber rose 3

Photos are courtesy of Amber Rose on Instagram.

If you are dying to see more of the jaw dropping, butt popping star follow her @amberrose. It is definitely worth it!

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