Bound To Rebound?

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A research study has found that up to one-third of college students who recently experienced a break up had sex to “rebound” from their relationship within a month of the split. Researchers reported in the journal Archives of Sexual Behaviour that people who had been dumped were especially likely to feel angry and distressed, and would seek out rebound sex.

“People really do use sex as a way to get over or get back at their ex-partner in the aftermath of a breakup.” said study researcher Lynne Cooper, a psychologist at the University of Missouri.

She and a Masters student in psychology recruited 170 college students who had recently been through a break up in the last eight months and for 10 to 12 weeks they filled out weekly reports about their emotions, sexual activity and motivation for those sexual activities.

Much of what the researchers found confirmed the conventional wisdom about rebounds. 35 percent of participants said they’d had sex to get over their ex, and 25 percent said they’d had sex as a form of revenge. People who had been dumped were more likely than people who did the dumping to have rebound and revenge sex.

Further research is needed to see if rebound or revenge sex actually helped people mend broken hearts and feel better but it did show that people who were dumped were more likely to use sex to cope with their negative emotions than the people who did the dumping.

This might not be the healthiest way to rebound.