These 2 Benefits Of Lube Will Make Your Sex Life So Much Better

If you don't have some lube on your bedside table, it's time to upgrade you sex life one little bottle at a time. Trust us on this one!

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There are only two types of people who enjoy the benefits of lube, right? Post-menopausal women who can no longer lubricate naturally, and teenage boys who have just discovered broadband WiFi.

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Wrong. Everyone should be using it. Here are two benefits of  lube that are going to make your sex (and masturbation) a whole lot better:

1. Lube Makes Sex Pleasurable, Not Painful

“Many men (and women) believe that the use of a lubricant indicates that they have a problem – either for themselves personally, or for their partner. There’s a huge stigma suggesting that vaginal dryness means that a woman is not turned on; and duly, some men believe that suggesting a lubricant means that either they have not turned [a woman] on sufficiently, or their partner is not aroused – both leading to feelings of failure, and a negative thought process and experience in the bedroom.

“This not only leads to uncomfortable sex, but avoids real communication and satisfaction in the bedroom,” says Brodie Meyer, managing director of online adult store Désir.

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Water-based lubes are great for treating vaginal dryness because they are moisturising.

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But here’s the thing: being able to lubricate naturally can be influenced by a whole host of things – none of them necessarily your skill or attractiveness.  Of course, there is the possibility it’s due to a lack of arousal or not enough foreplay; but you’ll only know if you ask your partner. Spoiler alert: no one likes a selfish lover.

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But just as erectile dysfunction can have a list of causes longer than the insert in that bottle of little blue pills, so too can vaginal dryness. Other than lack of arousal and foreplay, reasons can include hormones, stress, depression, ageing, menopause and medication.

And according to Women’s Health Concern, a platform that serves to educate and advise women about their gynaecological and sexual health, 17% of women suffer from natural dryness during sex. Even before menopause begins.

According to Indiana University research, women reported greater pleasure and satisfaction when they used lubricant. “The term ‘wetter is better’ is something I say to all clients. Dry sex can be painful sex,” says Catriona Boffard, a clinical sexologist and psychotherapist. She adds: “Using lubricant can be really useful in making sex more enjoyable and comfortable for everyone. The anus does not produce any lubrication at all – so using lubricant with anal sex is imperative!”

2. Lube Helps You Recover Faster

Then, of course, there’s the recovery factor; and here at MH we’re always looking for a great recovery tool. The most unusual one so far? Lube. “Various lubricants offer different consistencies and viscosities, which not only assist in avoiding tissue damage, but also promote healing and faster recovery – whether it be for masturbation or for vaginal or anal sex,” says the Désir MD. This means you and your partner will be ready for round two in record time.

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This lube contains regenerative hyaluron which is perfect for dry and stressed vaginal mucosa, penile or anal tissue.

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Not only does lube add to the recovery process, and the comfort of vaginal or anal penetration (whether with fingers, toys or a penis); it can also increase and enhance sensitivity and sensation during both sex and masturbation.

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More quality, pleasurable sex, you say? We’re down to enjoy these benefits of lube!

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