At What Age Are Men Having The Most Sex?

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One would think that young men have the most sex given that their age correlates better to being more physically active and healthy. But according to a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, which focused on over 500 Hungarian men, found that instances of sexual activity per week were highest among 25-29 year old men with the 45-49 year old age group not far behind. The study examined body size and proportions in relation to men’s sexual frequency. The survey included men that all had regular female partners, between the ages of 20-54 and had no characteristics of sexual dysfunction.

What the survey found was that men apart of the study had sex an average of 2.55 times per week. Men shorter than 175cm, men weighing less than 78kg, those within the normal BMI range (18.5 – 24.9), and those with a 94cm or less waist size were associated with higher sexual frequency. Body weight was not seen as a determining factor in predicting the amounts of sexual activity but normal body sized men reported higher frequencies of sex. The greater frequency of sex in men aged between 45-49 may be due to a new partner in their lives however the study never accounted that in explanation by any variable in the study.

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