How To Clean Up Your Act According To Amanda du-Pont

Her advice on how you can keep your outfits in check. All the time.

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Let model, actress and cover girl Amanda du-Pont steer you clear of fashion fails, gruesome grooming – and spidey undies.

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1. What’s your bad grooming deal-breaker?

“If a guy doesn’t look after his teeth and go to the dentist regularly, I’m seeing red flags. Even worse: having a bad haircut. I use your locks to figure out who you are; if it’s a mess, I’m going to assume the worst.”

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2. Do you share your skin products with your man?

“Absolutely. I don’t want lines, and I don’t think he should admit defeat either. I’d be worried if my guy wasn’t doing masks or going for facials. If your girl can use it,you can too. Just remember to ask nicely. Or better yet,  buy your own.”

3. Should guys ask their girlfriends for style advice?

“I always tell my boyfriend when his shoes are beyond even giving away, and I think women have a better eye for what’s in fashion. Girls know what girls want.”

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4. What three things should a guy have in his wardrobe?

“One word: trackpants.But remember, it’s all about the fit. Go for a tapered look that’ll show off your legs, and your gains in the gym. Then make sure your dress-to-impress arsenal is stocked with a pair of fitted jeans and a plain white tee. Finally, a long grey cardigan goes with any look – and that’s awesome.”

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5. What’s a big fashion turn-off?

“Old-school underpants. No one wants to see the Spiderman undies you wore when you were nine. Go for boxers instead.”

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6. What’s your take on leather jackets?

“Apart from the fact that every guy should own at least one? Don’t cheap out on pleather threads, rather save up and invest in something genuine. The fake stuff will just start shredding and embarrass you.”

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7. What’s your secret style tip for guys?

“When in doubt, always choose fitted. I hate seeing a guy in a baggy suit–it just doesn’t inspire confidence. Or even worse, baggy jeans with an XXL tee that makes him look like you’re drowning. Just stop! Fitted is a good look; it tells me you’re in control and you know how to dress yourself.”


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