Aimee Teegarden’s Sex Tips

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4 tricks that will make you a better lover.

Pamper her

“While she’s catching up on True Blood, reach over and give her a fingertip massage on the back of her scalp,” says Teegarden. “It feels amazing—I think that’s why women go to the hair salon so often.” And remember, you’re doing it for her: “Guys think that if they give massages, they’ll get something in return. Just do it to be nice, and she’ll reciprocate more often.”

Relish her body

Spend time naked outside the bedroom. “There’s something sexy about being able to appreciate her body for everything it does, not just as a sex object,” says Teegarden. “Eating dinner—a very sensual activity in itself—could be even more exciting naked.”

Admire her Zumba butt

“Saying, ‘You look really fit’ is sexier than, ‘Wow, you’ve got a nice rack,’ ” says Teegarden. “When a guy compliments something you’ve worked for—and I spend a lot of time trying to make my body a machine—it’s a confidence booster.” Your magic word: “ ‘Toned.’ That says I look buff, without giving it a masculine connotation.”

Forget spooning

After sex, lie on your back and let her rest on top. “That skin-to-skin contact is a bit electrifying,” says Teegarden. “A guy’s chest feels so masculine, so it makes me feel very feminine.”

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