After Losing It, Have You Been Satisfied?

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The age at which you lost your virginity as well as the quality of it may be huge factors that contribute towards predicting your future sexual satisfaction according to a new study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Researchers surveyed about 400 individuals under the age of 35 along the lines of what age and under what circumstances they first had sex. What they found was that the average age of the first time people had sex was 16.95 years. All survey participates were heterosexual.

The interesting associations between first sex and the subsequent sex lives were observed. Of these observations only one was age dependent and it was found that if a person lost their virginity at a later age they were found to have less active sex lives. Loosing ones virginity at a younger age was associated with a greater chance of having negative appraisals towards it and lower likelihoods of stable relationships, which are indirectly associated with sexual difficulties.

Quality of the first sexual encounter, which carries more weight than the participant’s age, also impacts the participant’s future sexual satisfaction. Negative impressions and emotions experienced by those during the first sexual encounter were more likely to experiences later sexual difficulties. These difficulties are made worse if the person lacked a strong relationship with their first sex partner and will more likely be sexually dissatisfied and struggle to communicate with sexual partners later on in life.

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