Game Night With A Twist: 6 Adult Games To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Wanna play a game?

Chandre Davids |

If you and partner are past the honeymoon phase, you know that every once in a while you need to spice things up. Whether it’s trying a few new moves to blow her mind or trying out that one fantasy that’s been on your mind for a while, a little spice goes a long way. If you’re looking for some inspiration to liven things in the bedroom, why not try a game night with a twist? We’ve found some sexy board games that guarantee even if you lose, you win.

Sex Game 1: Strip or Tease

This puts a little twist of the good ol’ truth or dare you played in high school. This game encourages taking things slow by teasing you and your partner until you can’t handle it any more. Choose strip and the cards will dictates which item of clothing to remove. Choose tease and you’ll be instructed to seduce your partner with erotic moves and seductive tips. Also, it comes with 10 questions to heat things up and leave you wanting more before the game is over.

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Sex Game 2: Kinky Heart

This game come with 100 kinky challenges to spice up your day or night. It allows for loads of (s)exploration and experimentation with your partner. Ranging from simple to sizzling, this will definitely have you guessing- will you fulfil a secret fantasy or make a completely new discovery?

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Sex Game 3: The Path to Pleasure

Want to try to something different? This game puts you and your partner on a path to discovery and pleasure. As you move along the board, you’ll be instructed to perform various erotic activities, from massage to dress up. The game has three stages that will awaken desire, creating anticipation and adds some sexy challenges. The end result is a new sense of intimacy, an explosion of passion and loads of fun… the adult kind.

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Sex Game 4: Endless Nights of Amazing Sex

After each roll of the dice, ask your partner a question that will reveal more about their fantasies and how you can please them (and vice versa). Each card has a different foreplay and sexual technique which get more interesting as the game goes on. Enjoy finding out more about you lover, their secret desires and just how you can make it come true. The fun will definitely continue long after the game is over.

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Sex Game 5: Sexual Roleplay

If you’re keen to embrace your adventurous and playful side, this game is for you. Each card explains a character and gives you specific instructions to follow. You can expect the usual naughty nurse and a few out of the ordinary personas, allowing you and your partner to experiment with your mischievous sides. Go ahead and use your imagination.

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Sex Game 6: Kamasutra Dice Game

Enjoy an evening of rolling the dice (in the sheets) with these sexy dice. There are three dice, one depicting a kamasutra position, a location and additional instructions. Just imagine the possibilities!

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