A PE Strip Club Is Now Offering Drive-Thru Shows: What To Expect

This local strip club offers a 'strip-thru', which comprises of selling alcohol and a strip show, all from the comfort of your car.

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One thing you’ve got to admire is the resilience of local business during the nationwide lockdown. And while The International Labour Organisation (ILO) has warned that nearly half of the global workforce is in immediate danger of losing their livelihood (that’s 1.6 billion workers worldwide), a strip club in Port Elizabeth (PE) is doing what they can to ensure they stay afloat.

Local strip club Candy’s Revue Bar, has opened its doors, offering a ‘strip-thru’, which comprises of selling alcohol and a strip show, all from the comfort of your car.  The club has been inspired by the success of other drive-thru strip clubs across the globe, with the innovative idea first implemented in the United States.

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Here’s what we know.

What To Expect

According to Business Insider, here’s how it works: when you arrive at Candy’s your temperature will be taken before you’re greeted by a dancer ‘who is not a real nurse’. The ‘nurse’ will then take down your alcohol order, with the club serving as a bottle store with a drive-thru show. And if you’re not willing to pay the cover charge of R250 for the show, at least you can get alcohol without those never-ending queues. (During Level 3, premises with on-site liquor licenses are permitted to sell for off-site consumption).


If you’ve paid the cover charge, you will be entertained while you wait for your order (might as well stock up). The Citizen reports that during drive-thru shows, dancers perform a striptease – but now do so wearing face masks and gloves. The performers perform on outdoor stages in a closed off area which drivers can park next to. Dancers are required to social distance and also have their temperatures checked daily.

What It Will Cost

The club has listed its alcohol prices on their Facebook Page, where you can find a six-pack of Black Label for R85 (or R310 a case), with the club including a variety of dops which extend to brandy, whiskey, gin, wine and shooters – sold not far off your traditional bottle store prices.

How They Adapted

Charl Muller, owner of Candy’s told Business Insider that after he saw the Lucky Devil Lounge in Portland, Oregon start a drive-thru experience, it was time he thought outside the box. “We spoke to the girls and said we had to think outside the box,” he said. “The club’s dancers were enthusiastic about the idea, he says, not least because it gives them the chance to earn an income.” With the club unable to operate under lockdown and many dancers not contributors to UIF, staff have not been able to earn a salary – or the tips they rely on – until now.

“[The dancers] have been supporting us throughout,” Muller added. “They’ve even been coming in to help us set up.”

The club follows regulations, allowing them to sell liquor strictly from 09:00 to 17:00. But the shows go on until about 20:00, Muller says – after which it gets too cold.

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