5 Sex Secrets She Wishes You Knew

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Teach her to enjoy her body as much as you do.


“I love when he grabs my butt during sex or when no one’s looking. It’s my least favorite body part, so when he tells me he loves it, I like it more.” —Kate, 21

In bed, start by kissing your way down her spine while gently caressing her butt with your fingertips. When your lips reach her cheeks, kiss and nibble softly, and firmly knead her buns. Attention is flattering.


“Playing with the arch of my foot will give me an orgasm.” —Carmen, 37

Footplay can make a so-so session stellar. The part of the brain that processes sensory input for the feet is right next to the part that processes genital stimulation. For some women, there may be some sort of cross wiring between these two parts of the brain. Even if her nerves aren’t entangled, playing with her piggies is worthwhile: A 2010 Korean study found that couples who exchanged foot massages twice a week fought less and communicated better than less touchy couples.


“I like it when you make me feel weak, even if I’m stronger than you.” —Erin, 25

That coquettish grin might be an act. The dance of playing hard to get can make women seem more timid than they are. Once she’s aroused, her threshold for pain increases—and she may want you to bite, fling, and spank. Men complain that women are timid in handling their penis because they don’t want to hurt it. Same goes with her body. Be aggressive in your delivery, but sensitive to her needs. And try the take-control move she secretly craves: 46 percent said pinning her down on the bed is the aggressive move most likely to flick her switch. Take those odds.


During penetration, your penis inflates her vaginal wall, and your thrusting stretches out the internal legs of her clitoris (from about 10 millimeters in length to 20 millimeters). This exerts pressure against her vaginal wall and may stimulate her G-spot. The best (and hottest!) positions for exciting her G-spot: woman on top, or entry from behind.


“I like to look at your penis when we make love.” —Jen, 34

Notice she didn’t say “your huge penis.” Women rate extremely long penises as less attractive than those of a more average length, according to a 2010 study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior. Seeing you in action is what excites her. Penises are sexy to women, who are visual creatures, too. In fact, both sexes are turned on more by sight than by other senses. Toss the covers aside or place a mirror beside the bed to give her a better view.

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