5 Reasons To Date An Outdoorsy Woman

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This only slightly tongue-in-cheek list covers a few of the basics of dating a woman who spends a lot of time in the outdoors,

and, while written with hikers/climbers/bikers/skiers/runners in mind, many would also apply to farm girls.

Five reasons to date an outdoorsy woman

– she wears basic, easy-to-operate undergarments

– has a buff body

– usually appreciates simple beverages such as beer

– has a high level of dirt-tolerance

– she wears sensible shoes that can keep up with you

Five things you’ll have to be OK with though

– getting left behind if you aren’t up for a outing

– not always being better at everything than she is and getting some lessons from her

– dirt — dirt-tolerant gals don’t always have perfect nails, hair, or sweat-free clothing themselves

– not being able to impress her with the guy stuff many women swoon over

– male friends – hers: her outdoor activity buddies are here to stay and chances are more of them are male than female.

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