4 New Sex Studies

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Sunbathing more nerve-racking than sex, dieting may increase infidelity and how porn will improve your workout.

Skin Game

You love bikini season, but does she? Sunbathing may be more nerve-racking for her than sex. In a 2012 study in the journal Body Image, women named “wearing a bikini” as their biggest confidence threat more often than they named “being intimate with a lover.” On the beach, women feel exposed and subject to criticism; in the bedroom they feel supported, says study author Dr Larkin Lamarche. Complimenting her body can backfire, so say something affectionate instead. If she feels loved, the bikini-clad gals she compares herself to won’t seem as intimidating, says Lamarche.

The Pill: Libido Killer?

Sex life suffering? It could be her birth control. Some oral contraceptives may cause women’s libido and frequency of orgasm to decline, an Italian study reports. Women who took a contraceptive pill for three months reported lower levels of desire, fewer orgasms, and more painful sex; they also experienced a reduction in genital bloodflow.

Beware the dieting woman

Is your girlfriend hungry for love? A new Monmouth University study suggests that dieting may increase her risk of infidelity. Committed women who were instructed not to eat freshly baked cookies were more likely to accept a date with a new guy than those allowed to dig in. Dieting drains willpower, so “they were unable to resist,” says study author Dr GaryLewandowski. Take her out for a cheat meal; it’ll replenish her willpower, and she may associate you with the pleasure of indulging.

Flex your sexy muscles

Porn can give more than your penis a lift. Watching an erotic video may improve your workout, a new British study reveals. Men who viewed a video clip of exotic dancers performed significantly better on a squat test than those who watched a sad video or none at all. Sexy videos may trigger a testosterone boost, enhancing motivation and competitiveness, says study author Dr Blair Crewther. Aggressive sports clips or motivational training videos can have a similar effect, he says.

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