3 Reasons Why Watching Fifty Shades Freed Will Actually Be Good For You

Yes sometimes you have to watch chick flicks to impress the woman in your life, but it will be all be ok.

You haven’t read the books? Good,you’ve saved yourself from mediocre writing (which has sold hundreds of millions of copies worldwide). However there’s a good chance that the woman in your life has read the books, in fact she might even think that they’re brilliant and insist on dragging you along to see the movie.

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We really thought the fad would end, but here we are, three movies later. Before you sigh, this might actually work in your favour here’s why:

You’ll Get to Talk About Sex

Even if the acting happens to be bad (three movies in, a few years of acting behind them and somehow it’s still bad), you’ll see depictions of sex that’s controversial. Who knows, watching the movie may serve as a starting point for discussing your own sex life and the things you would like to try – or never try – for that matter.

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The Movie Will Actually be Better than the Book

Some reviewers are optimistic that the movie is better than the book, thanks to decent script writers, directors and producers. Although don’t get too excited, the previous one was rated a solid 10% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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You Will Have Leverage

You scratch her back, by going to watch a film she knows you may not be interested in, and you can drag her with to watch on of those DC or Marvel movies that just never stop coming out in cinemas.

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