What We Learned From Chiropractor And Singer Kyle Deutsch

Plus, watch his new music video Bring Back The Love.

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It’s mid-morning and Kyle Deutsch talks to MH from his Durban-based practice. He’s an award-winning chiropractor but his rooms differ from most; it doubles as a recording studio – where the 32-year-old has worked with some of the best in the SA music scene.

This makes it a unique experience for his patients. “While we’re treating they always want to hear what I’m working on and I almost become friends with the patient.

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“You’re actively involved in their lives as they are in yours and this helps for the healing process. They end up wanting to hear some demos and sneak peaks and we end up listening to a whole bunch of music while we’re treating, whether it’s mine or it’s someone else’s.”

As a man of many talents, we talk business, style, music, and why you need to see a chiropractor. Learn from Kyle.

Managing Two Careers Isn’t Easy

“Managing a business and music, it’s important when one is busy not to neglect the other – but that’s going to hinder your sustainability in both. So you need to somehow put equal attention on both, especially when the one is doing better than the other. It’s almost more important to focus your energy on the one that’s struggling if the one is doing better.”

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But you have to look at how you are going to manage your time and your energy, says Kyle. “If one is accelerating at a good rate and you need momentum behind that, then you have to allocate your resources accordingly.”

Keeping Fit

Most don’t know that Kyle played professionally for the now defunct Manning Rangers Football Club and even made the SA beach soccer team and played in Morocco and Nigeria. Now he looks to running and soccer to keep fit in-between his busy schedule.  “I recently started running again on the beach, I’m always playing indoor football as well with the guys.”

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“Beach soccer has been on a pause – SAFA has done nothing for beach soccer,” he says. “But we’ve formed the Durban Beach Soccer Club with myself and two other guys who were playing in the national beach  soccer team with me at the time.

“We’ve had invites for tournaments [around the globe] and only because of finances we haven’t been able to go overseas,” he adds.

How He Prepares For Winter


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Kyle used to model professionally but now his game plan has shifted to working with brands directly through his social media.

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“You reach a stage as an artist and a personality where your brand outgrows modelling agencies and you move onto ambassador-style work with brands,” he says. “At the moment I’m not doing modelling as such although what I do does fall under modelling, we just did a big campaign with Sunglass Hut, a national campaign where our faces are on all the Sunglass Huts throughout the country.”

Having maybe two or three dope jackets that you can throw over is a must for winter he says. “One trench, one bomber, then one alternate stand out jersey or jacket. For the modern day gent, to keep it neutral colour-wise is always advisable.”

But for Kyle, “the standard is a jeans, a high top or a sneaker, a polo-neck or a jumper and a nice jacket to throw over.”

Why You Should See A Chiropractor

“Having a chiropractic session done is something that is very underrated,” Kyle says.

“I would advise people that if they go for a massage to benefit their health. Rather take that massage money and go and see a chiropractor, it’s probably a similar amount. Maybe the reason people don’t go to a chiro is because they think that they’re only going to focus on what’s injured.

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“Meanwhile they’re going for full body massages just to help if they’re feeling a bit stiff. Rather take that money go to a chiro, he’s going to give you a full assessment, check the mobility of your joints from your foot all the way to your head and check your muscle conditioning.”

And with your nine-to-five, chances are your posture is being affected negatively. “The body’s biomechanics is important in our day-to-day lives. We’re finding we’re getting into this age where tension, rounded shoulders, all this sort of forward-posture is really kicking in because of our occupations, because of the screens and our posture is being affected,” Kyle says. “Rather invest in seeing your chiro – I advise my patients to come through once a month if they can, especially if they’re active.”

What You Should Be Listening To


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Kyle has done his fair share of fundraising gigs for a variety of children’s homes and charities, too. Plus he’s working with younger artists and producers now to find new talent.

“I’m planning to work with Sjava and Sun-El Musician,” Kyle says. “I’m really working with young producers but guys who have talent. I’m working with artists who are able to release profitable and really successful music. So I’m working on the future in terms of producers.”

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Fans can also expect two tracks with Kyle and award-winning Cape Town based producer Ameen Harron. “I’m working on a really exciting track with Ameen Harron, that one is sounding too dope. We’re working on two – one is going to be on his album and one is going to be on mine,” he adds.

For now, all the hype is on his single which drops today called Bring Back The Love which saw Kyle team up with young producer Skattaisdead.

Check out the music video below!



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