3 Reasons To Watch The Ronaldo Documentary On Showmax

He’s netting goals left right and centre. But it pays to get to know him on a deeper level.

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Let’s face it, unless you’re a Manchester United or a Real Madrid fan, or if you find yourself backing Portugal in the World Cup, Cristiano Ronaldo may not be your favourite guy.  Despite his unbelievable goal-scoring records, Ronaldo is is notorious for his on field antics. Some would expect a glimpse into his life to reveal plenty of long-legged women, partying and CR7 worshipping. But, we have to admit, it was so much more than that.

The Family

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Almost immediately, we’re introduced to Cristiano Jnr. The Portuguese international’s mini-me who’s already doing sit-ups at age five and working on his pronunciation of ‘Lamborghini’. But what quickly becomes evident is Ronaldo’s dedication to his son, ‘my successor’. As for the 33-year-old’s mysterious baby-mama, ‘People speculate that it was with this girl or the other or a surrogate mother,’ Ronaldo says. ‘I’ve never told anybody and I never will.’ – Fair play to him for keeping this a secret, despite leading such a public life.

It quickly becomes apparent that the striker thrives on being a young father that will ‘watch his son grow and turn into a man’. Something, he lacks from his own father, Dinis, who passed away from alcoholism in his early 50s. Ronaldo admits he wishes his old man was around to see his success.

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His mother, Dolores, however, is there for every nail-biting moment. It’s difficult not to be comforted by her mother-hen aura, even though she does admit that Ronaldo was an ‘unwanted child’ that she almost aborted. You learn that the pressure can get to Dolores who often takes sedatives before important matches.

Two other important characters that we meet from Ronaldo’s inner circle are his older brother Hugo, and his agent Jorge Mendes. Mendes and Ronaldo have an inseparable bond and a high regard for each other. Ronaldo describes his Rolex-wearing agent as ‘the best, the Cristiano Ronaldo of agents.’ His relationship with his brother, we learn, hasn’t been quite as smooth. Hugo, like his father suffered from addiction. Now that he’s clean, he successfully runs Museu CR7, the Ronaldo Museum.

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The Drive

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Is he arrogant? Yes. But Ronaldo doesn’t try to shake off this reputation. Instead, he credits his attitude for getting him to where he is and achieving all that he has. Surprisingly, the documentary gives us more of an insight into Ronaldo’s drive than it does his successes. He talks about wiping the slate clean each season, no matter how good it was to prove to himself that once again he is ‘the best in the world.’ The film gives a real insight into his incredible competitive courage, his absolute belief in himself and his refusal to let anyone outdo him.

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The (Messi) Rivalry

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Very little is mentioned about the pressures of the FIFA World Cup for his country – aside from a scene where Ronaldo explains why he went to the World Cup with an injury, ‘I’m not going to lie to you, if we had two or three Cristiano Ronaldo’s in the team I would feel more comfortable. But we don’t.’

What really drives him is the Ballon d’Or, and the chance to verify to the rest of the world that he really is the best. His greatest challenger in this? Lionel Messi. ‘It’s a card inside an envelope that can change so much,’ Ronaldo says of the Ballon d’Or, ‘To see Messi win four in a row was difficult for me. After he won the second and third I thought to myself: ‘I’m not coming here again.’ But he did. And after he wins the Ballon d’Or for the second time, Ronaldo speaks fondly of his rival. ‘I’ve started seeing him as a person, not a rival. But we are always busting our balls to see who is better.’

A truly inspiring story, which proves your own self-determination, helps you achieve even the seemingly impossible. Can’t get enough of inspiring rags-to-pitches football stories? Read this to learn how the likes of Victor Moses, Gabriel Jesus and Lionel Messi turned their own lives around.

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