Watch: Darren ‘Whackhead’ Simpson Talks Fatherhood, Pranks And Parenting With Men’s Health

Plus, Darren talks growing up in Pinetown and shows us his home studio!

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With Father’s Day on Sunday, legendary radio DJ for Kfm Darren Simpson joined Men’s Health for an IG Live chat about fatherhood, his parenting style, dad fashion and more.

Darren on his son’s Nate and Cruz…

“They are two very cute, gorgeous little people. Both totally different… the eldest one Nate – he’s seven – he’s more like me. Surprisingly enough … quite reserved … and the other one, he’s three-years-old, Cruz, he is the wild one. He’s the one that’s going to be stealing my car when I’m older… he’s got the mouth, he’s got the answers to everything… but my other one Nate, my eldest, I kind of think of him as my Elon Musk…”

– Darren Simpson, Kfm Mornings Presenter

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On what he has learnt from being a father

“Kids do teach you a lot… When you’re not a father you can almost be a bit selfish in a way because everything is on you, you don’t have to worry about anybody else. And then when you become a father, everything becomes a bit more serious, you realise that you have to stop being as reckless… I used to skydive, and the day they were born I stopped skydiving …”

– Darren Simpson, Kfm Mornings Presenter

Watch Darren’s full interview Digital Ed Nadim Nyker below:

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