Use These 9 Tips to Improve Your Work-Life Balance

Here's how to avoid overworking and make sure you really log off for the day.

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There’s no question that the world has changed, and we are currently living in the “new normal” (even if you’re sick of hearing the phrase). But not only have our personal lives changed, our work lives have changed, too. And with all these big shifts it’s more important than ever to strike the perfect work-life balance.

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You’ve already proven that you can work smarter and stay productive. To avoid getting sucked back into always-on mode, here are nine work-life balance hacks that we use in the Men’s Health office to stay motivated and, more importantly, avoid burning out.

  1. Keep your work calendar updated, including blocks of time for heads-down work. Less free time equals fewer time sucks.
  2. Set your phone’s alarm for the scheduled end time of any meeting that might run over. When it goes off, it will signal that time is up, alerting the meeting organiser in a way that won’t blow back on you.
  3. If you get an hour for lunch, stop working for an hour and recharge! The workday is a marathon, not a sprint.
  4. Set a hard leave time by booking a workout class or joining a carpool. A commitment is a commitment.
  5. No Slack after 6pm unless it’s urgent (and really urgent). Otherwise, send an email and know you might not get a reply until 9am.
  6. Don’t ask for a day off on short notice. Instead, tell your boss you need a mental-health day. (It’s generally also true.)
  7. Use the send later function with email. That way, you’re done but don’t set the expectation that others need to respond after working hours.
  8. Don’t spend all day at your desk. Move around the office, or step out for an hour to work at a coffee shop if you need some space.
  9. Be tactical after 4.30pm and save an easy win (say, good news about a project) for tomorrow morning. It’s a great way to look 110% more productive.

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