This Is What You Need To Do To Avoid Shark Encounters This Summer

Sarah Waries, who runs the Shark Spotters organisation in Cape Town gives 5 tips

Jazz Kuschke |

We got some advice from Sarah Waries, who runs the Shark Spotters organisation in Cape Town.

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She lets us know how to be shark smart this summer:

1. Use a beach with shark spotters or lifeguards on duty, and ask them about recent shark activity. Pay attention to shark signage and always obey beach officials when told to leave the water.

2. Do not swim, surf or paddle on your own as you are extremely vulnerable. The more people in the water with you, the more chance of spotting sharks and having someone close by to lend a hand in case of an emergency.

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3. Do not swim, surf or paddle if there are marine animals feeding nearby. Concentrations of diving birds, seals and dolphins all indicate prey, such as baitfish, in an area, which could attract other predators – including sharks.

4. Do not dive for rock lobster with a bait bag or carry fish on you when spearfishing. These may attract the attention of nearby sharks that could see you as competition for their next meal.

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5. Do not swim if you are bleeding. While it’s unlikely that this will attract sharks from afar, it’s wise to remember that they have an acute sense of smell – and blood in the water might attract a shark if it is nearby.

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