This Is The Easiest Way To Make A Difference This Mandela Day!

There's never been a better reason to take a selfie.

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Get your charity game on, and take a cash-generating selfie this Mandela Day.

67 Minutes for Mandela Day

Mandela Day is an international day which celebrates Nelson Mandela’s legacy, each year on his birthday (18 July). To honour his 67-year fight for social justice, the Mandela Day campaign asks that we all take 67 minutes to help fight poverty and promote peace. Not quite sure how to get involved? Well, thanks to South AfriCAM, it’s as simple as taking a selfie.

How it works

Do you have the South AfriCAM, app? If not, you’ll need to get it. Post your selfie and brand it with one of the Mandela Day stickers, available on the app. Check below to see which stickers you need to use on the app. Once you’ve shared your sticker branded selfie, get your fans to like and comment. The more likes, comments and shares you get on your post, the more points (called JETS) you earn. Then, use these points to donate a R5, R10 or R20 money token to charity.

Mandela Day South AfriCAM stickers
Add one of these stickers to your picture

Your donation helps change lives

Your donation will go to an NGO called Common Good. They are known for creating opportunities for those marginalised by poverty and injustice.

The organisation makes a positive and lasting impact in the areas of early life, education and employment. They are focused on enabling individuals and communities Cape Town to build brighter futures for themselves.

Get involved – take a selfie and make a difference in honour of Madiba. Don’t have the app? Download it from on Google PlayStore or iOS.

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