Slide A Beer Down The Bar Like A Pro

Now you can ace the bar slide.

Alice Paulse |

Bar crawling with the boys when your buddy says “your round’’, well here is how you can impress the hell out of him with this well-known barman trick.

Prepare The Platform

If you’re out at a pub, check the bar surface, no not for dust but whether it’s a heavily lacquered wooden bar with a slippery sheen, without pits or chips-that is when it works best. If it’s your own home bar, slick up the surface by hitting it with glass cleaner or wood polish.

Use A Bottom-Heavy Glass

You need a pint glass, as its solid base gives the glass a low centre of gravity; which is essential for preventing a tip-over. Do not try this with a goblet, pilsner glass or any other slender or top-heavy glass.

Don’t Fill It Too High

The glass should be about three-quarters full; that amount of liquid will weigh down the bottom half of the glass to give it more support as it travels across the bar. Any more could cause toppling, but we advise you to practice with water, lest you spill the ambrosia.

Send It Flying

Stand parallel to the bar, at arm’s length away, wrap your hand around the bottom third of the glass and in a smooth, sweeping motion. Gently push the glass towards your pal with little or no spin to keep the flight path on point.

Now watch it slide…

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