Life Tricks From A Magician, Plus How To Make A Coin Disappear!

This magician's life advice is no trick.

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Meet The Magician – Mahommed Moorad

Mo Magic’ is one of very few South African magicians to have had his own  TV show. Follow his advice to trick your way to the top.

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I studied something practical, but I’m bored and want to follow my passion. How do I tell my friends and family?

As a qualified electronic engineer turned entertainer, I found myself in this exact situation. There was the concern of leaving the stability of a lucrative position as a project manager for the uncertainty of showbiz. I was honest with my family, who were supportive and understanding of my desire to spread joy with the art of magic and my genuine passion for it. They also understood that with my degree, I could always return to the corporate world should I choose to. Having a legitimate back-up will make it easier.

When things start going wrong I freeze. How do I pull a rabbit out of an empty hat?

When I feel stressed I take a moment to breathe and think of something to be thankful for. My go-to is the thought of my nieces laughing. This immediately makes me smile, and eases me. I then look at doing the best I can in the situation, with what I have, where I am. Do the same.

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I don’t want my mental strength to do a disappearing act. What should I do?

It’s all about daily meditation and blocking off chunks of time to get deep work done. I am actively involved in creating new magic and working on various projects. Managing my mental fitness and time is therefore key for me to ensure my milestones are achieved. My third routine? Expressing gratitude. Each night, while in bed, I think of three things in my day to be truly thankful for. It can be something as simple as being thankful for making my gym session that day. This ensures I go to bed with a smile and in a happy mood, and more likely to have a good night’s rest.

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Every time I try to shuffle a pack of cards, they end up on the floor. What’s the trick?

Proper technique is key. There are multiple methods for shuffling a deck of cards that can be learnt online or from books. A factor to consider is the quality of playing cards used. Brand-new cards of better quality are generally much smoother and have a plastic coat- ing that makes them very slippery. My biggest tip? Handle cards with a light touch. This makes the movement of the cards between your hands look elegant and visually appealing.

How do I stay in stageworthy shape?

While I am an entertainer, I see myself as an athlete. Fitness, nutrition and wellness are very important to me. I train multiple times a week. My regime comprises morning fasting cardio sessions on an Orbitrek at home, and multiple afternoon sessions with my biokineticist or trainer at the gym.

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The gym sessions include strength, conditional and functional training. When I’m travelling with shows, I use the hotel gym or have a fitness set I carry out in my hotel room. In terms of eating, I have consulted a dietician. I prepare healthy smoothies for breakfast, and have my lunches and dinners in the week prepared for me. However, I do treat myself on the weekends.

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Magic tricks on a date – yes or no?

In my early days, yes. However, in the last few years, very rarely on a first date – unless she asks, of course! Rather make your personality the showstopper.


While Mo Magic can’t make your mother-in-law disappear, he can make a coin vanish.

  1. Pick up the coin with your right hand. Place it between the thumb and fingertips of your left hand. Your left hand is palm up towards your audience.
  2. Reach for the coin with your right hand so that the fingertips of your right hand obscure the coin. Then touch the front of the coin while the thumb of your right hand touches the back of the coin. Take the coin into you right hand and display it.
  3. Place the coin between your left fingertips and thumb again. Say, “Watch carefully,” as you pretend to take the coin with your right hand as before. It should look like you are taking the coin with your right hand. But as your fingers cover the coin, let the coin drop into your left hand. The coin should fall into the area between the base of your fingers and your finger tips. In this motion, pretend to take the coin with the right-hand fingers.
  4. Close and look at your right hand, as if the coin is in it. Secretly close your left hand and let it fall naturally to your side with the coin in it. Say, “Watch it happen now,” squeeze your right hand, and then show that the coin has vanished.
  5. Casually place your left hand into your pocket, to get rid of the coin, or reach behind someone’s ear and pull it from there.

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