Make Your Own Infused Liquor

Kirsten Curtis |

We’ve all seen the shelf-buckling load of fruit-flavoured spirits at the liquor store. This is how you upgrade the flavoured spirit, DIY style

Even vodka is caramel flavoured these days. The problem is, few of the offerings at the liquor store are true infusions. They’re flavoured spirits, and “flavoured” usually means a combination of sugar, colourings, and fake-tasting additives. But when you and I infuse something, we know exactly what’s in it,” says Marcus Samuelsson, New York restaurant owner. “There’s nothing artificial; we’re actually tasting fresh flavours.” And let’s be honest – in terms of kitchen decor, an array of infused-liquor jars lined up on a shelf looks a hell of a lot cooler than a bottle cap collection. Pick the formula that speaks to you, and your house cocktails will never be the same again.

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