How To Stay Safe On The Roads This Easter Weekend

This holiday doesn't have a happy history on our roads. Make sure you follow road safety regulations to help prevent accidents from happening.

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Easter weekend is a joyous occasion for many reasons: family, friends, chocolates, hot cross buns and not forgetting that it’s a long weekend. But this holiday has a terrible history of road accidents throughout the country.

Over the Easter weekend last year, Transport Minister Blade Nzimande revealed that 510 people had died on the road in South Africa. This was a whopping 14% increase from 2017’s figure of 449. This is a trend that needs to end, and organisations such as Arrive Alive are making an effort to raise awareness for road safety.

Here are some tips from Arrive Alive:

  1. Always obey the Rules of the Road
  2. Don’t enter traffic when intoxicated – either as driver, biker cyclist or pedestrian
  3. Always wear your seatbelt – as driver and as passenger – front and rear seats
  4. Drive at a speed and a following distance that will allow time and space to respond to emergencies
  5. Do not assume safety – stay alert and non-distracted while focusing on defensive driving
  6. Do not assume others will drive safe -Stay Alert!
  7. Approach and proceed across intersections with caution
  8. Do not continue driving when tired/fatigued
  9. Keep your vehicle in a roadworthy condition 
  10. Only overtake when it is absolutely safe to do so!

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This year, minister Blade Nzimande along with the Department of Transport have launched the Easter Road Safety Campaign to raise awareness over drunk driving and which aims to reduce accidents over the Easter weekend.

For those taking longer road trip to a holiday destination, visit your nearest Battery Centre for a free battery test to ensure that your vehicle is ready for the adventure ahead. Here are a few road trip tips from Battery Centre to follow for a fun, safe and hassle-free trip:

  1. Plan for emergencies: Check that you have a jack, spanner, emergency triangle and a first-aid kit and a portable battery jumper kit available at Battery Centre. Keep emergency numbers for roadside assistance and vehicle insurance handy to avoid a frantic search for it when you need it most.
  2. Keep frequently used items close: Keep your eyes on the road by keeping items like sunglasses, medicine, hand wipes and cash for tolls within reach.
  3. Plan but don’t restrict your route: Getting there is half the fun and with GPS, it’s also stress free. Turn bathroom breaks into mini adventures by searching for interesting pit stops along the way. Pack an overnight bag for spur-of-the-moment stopovers.
  4. Hungry people are no fun: Pack a cooler bag with plenty of snacks and bottled water to keep spirits high. Be prepared for spontaneous picnics or fill up those empty stomachs at interesting diners and restaurants along the way.
  5. Have a game plan: Stock up on audio books, games and good music for the road. Road trips are an ideal opportunity to get everyone away from their mobile devices, by singing along to the music and to learning more about each other.

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Please be safe on our roads this Easter, and be sure to report any reckless driving and bad road conditions to Arrive Alive by calling 0861 400 800.

For more on road safety, check out Arrive Alive’s website.

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