MH Cover Guy Lee Thompson’s Guide To Being Insta-Fit

Learn how to be a fitfluencer from fitness expert, model and MH Cover Guy, Lee Thompson.

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The Instagram Fitness Formula.

Lee Thompson is a qualified fitness expert, international model and a Marketing Management graduate. He was on our cover twice back in 2012 as a student, and has grown into a formidable force in both business and fitness.

cover guy fitness instagram lee thompsoncover guy fitness instagram lee thompson

The 29-year-old manages the F45 Training Gym in Camps Bay, Cape Town and specialises in functional training, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), and weight training. What’s impressive, is how he manages to balance training clients and modelling gigs, all whilst maintaining a growing Instagram profile. So we hit him up to find out his secrets to making gains in the gym plus on the ‘gram.

What about a photo makes it worth posting?

“Firstly it’s important to create posts about things that you find interesting or that you are passionate about. Use high quality images and bright filters for your photos to help colours ‘pop’ and make them more appealing to your audience. Catchy, informative captions relevant to the photo all add to a great post!”

What makes a good fitness profile?

The former Rugby player believes that one’s Instagram can also be a credible source for fitness tips and advice. “Posting photos with informative captions that coach, encourage and motivate your followers while being authentic is important for a good fitness profile.”

cover guy fitness instagram lee thompson

Do you plan your posts ahead of time or do you just wing it?

Preparation is the key to success, he says. “I plan my posts a few days in advance, considering what I want my audience to gain, and what I personally want to achieve from each post. There are times where you will just need to wing it, then you do that. Being in the moment and going with what’s current can give you an advantage.”

How did you grow your following to where it is now?

“Consistency!” With over 40k followers, he emphasises that high quality photos, captions and getting the attention of your audience on a regular basis helps build your brand. “Tagging relatable accounts and using the correct hashtags will get you noticed and increase your following.”

However, Lee admits that growing on the platform wasn’t an overnight miracle. “It’s a gradual process that takes consistent effort. The more work you put into your social media, the more you will get back.”

But sometimes less is more when it comes to improving your profile. “In the case of posting photos I’d recommend one post a day so that your photos don’t lose their value. I try to keep relevant hashtags to minimum of 3 to 4. Any more can come across as desperate and unappealing.”

Pro Tip: Post your hashtags in the first comment instead of the caption to maintain a neat aesthetic post while still getting the exposure of the hashtags.

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Workout: 5 Moves To Get Insta-Fit

This is a body weight circuit from the F45 Training plan. Complete three rounds daily and you’ll be fit for your feed in no time:
– 20 Push Ups
– 10 Burpees
– 60 seconds Planking
– 50 Bicycle Sit Ups
– 20 Plyometric Lunges

Any other tips and tricks that aspiring fitfluencers should know

“Remember to enjoy it! If you are posting about topics you are passionate about – it will reflect in your posts. Also remember to share the love and start liking and commenting on other posts within your specific interest to help generate a larger following.”

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