Justin Bieber: What We’ve Learnt From The Newly Engaged Singer Over The Years

Child star, bad boy, husband? We may have learnt a thing or two from JB over the years.

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Jumping in an Uber last week, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my driver’s music of choice was Justin Bieber’s Purpose album. An album, which admittedly, turned me into a fan, perhaps even a Belieber. It had been a long while since I had listened to the album and it amused me to see the driver tap along to each track on his steering wheel. I asked him if he was a fan, to which he nonchalantly replied that he thought it was an album most of his passengers would enjoy. Then he carried on singing.

It was exactly a week before the news would break about the pop sensation’s surprise engagement to Hailey Baldwin. And while I hadn’t personally turned to Bieber playlists for some time, it was a subtle reminder that he’s always relevant.

We’ve long surpassed the days of referring to Justin Bieber as a child star. (Thankfully,) Baby is a distant memory for us now. But since then, Bieber has certainly evolved in front of the world’s eyes. He has tried on a few different looks, as any young man does, showing the world a teenage bad-boy, a heavily tattooed bible reader, and now he’s all loved up and looking to be the role model in marriage to his younger siblings; something he perhaps lacked himself.

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Too Late To Say Sorry?

2013 was the year of the Justin Bad Boy. The pop star acted erratically, and illegally for most of it. From drag-racing to peeing in a New York City nightclub’s wash bucket, he even sprayed a picture of Bill Clinton, while yelling ‘F*** Bill Clinton!’. (After waking up with a massive hangover, alcohol-induced demons and an angry PR team, Bieber called the former President the next day to apologise.)

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Then there was the eccentric pet capuchin monkey, Mally. Sadly, the Biebs was forced to leave the poor little simian behind in Munich because he didn’t have the proper clearances. German authorities later hit the singer’s team with a bill for 11 000 euros, for the cost of caring for Mally, who now spends his days in a German zoo. More nightclub antics and even a questionable graffiti incident followed, as it became clear that The Biebs couldn’t be tamed.

By December, after a long(ish) career of five years, the 24-year-old announced on Twitter that he was ‘retiring.’ Three albums, two tours, puberty, megastardom, an arrest for driving under the influence and a petition with 262 817 signatures calling for his deportation back to Canada, where to from here?

Well, it was time for Bieber to stop his bad habits in their tracks.

What We’ve Learnt?

Child star or not, it’s not uncommon to go through stages in your life where you feel a little overwhelmed. This is when motivational speaker, Shoni Khangala advises you to squad up. Waging war on your bad habits shouldn’t be a lonely experience. Your mates are your brothers-in-arms, and chances are they’re struggling with the same sins. Khangala says enlisting your friends will make the process easier and faster. Studies have shown that simply telling friends and family about your goals will help you stay focused, and, more importantly, achieve them.

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Love Yourself

For the last few years, Justin Bieber somewhat grew out of the temptations constantly surrounding him and turned to the Hillsong Church, a global Pentecostal church that originated in Australia. – Hillsong is known for its Christian rock style of music, its tattooed leaders and its star-studded attendees, including Vanessa Hudgens, Kourtney Kardashian and Hailey Baldwin (there it is!).

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Carl Lentz, one of the Church’s leaders and Bieber’s pastor, Judah Smith, baptised the singer four years ago in the custom (extra-long) bathtub of basketball star, Tyson Chandler. This was after the singer declared at 2am one New York night that he was in fact ‘ready’.

Lacking an appropriate venue, Lentz rang up his friend Chandler. – “The man got out of his bed. His wife, Kim, then opened their house and we went in there and we just made it happen, and it was awesome,” Lentz revealed. “It was credit to Justin for being so passionate and relentless in his pursuit that that night, to him, was a must. It wasn’t a maybe.”

Since, we’ve seen snippets of Bieber’s religious ways in abundance. He’s been spotted in various locations reading his bible and regularly takes to social media to share his views. In fact, Bieber took to Instagram on Easter Sunday to remind his fans that the holiday “is not about a bunny.” He also revealed that religion has helped him feel “set free from bondage and shame. I am a child of the most high God and he loves me exactly where I am, how I am, for who I am.” But he’s kept it real, the singer later shared a selfie of him wearing a Bunny mask.

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This all came on the back of Bieber cancelling the final leg of his Purpose World Tour. He addressed the cancellations back in August last year, “Me taking this time right now is me saying I want to be SUSTAINABLE… I want my career to be sustainable. So I can be the man I want to be, the husband I eventually want to be and the father I want to be. This message is just an opportunity for you to know my heart, I’m not expecting anyone to understand, but I do want people to have an opportunity to know where I am coming from.”

Yes, the Biebs decided to learn from his mistakes and avoid another period of turmoil that would see him spiral out of control. He echoed sentiments from John Hanke’s steps to success.

“Learn from everything, search for lessons in all your experiences and not just the triumphs. Failures, in particular, are difficult to confront,” says economist Tim Harford, “we may lump them with successes to produce net positives in our memories. But that won’t help you perform better.”

The trick: remember that failure isn’t a flaw. “If you’re trying something significant and new, you’re going to make mistakes.”

Finding A Purpose

Beliebers and Selenators had mixed feelings towards Bieber and ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez getting back together. Gomez, the most-followed person on Instagram had also been through her fair share of troubles since last dating Bieber, with a kidney transplant and a very public breakup from The Weeknd.

The young love looked like it may prevail, but this all ended suddenly when it came out that Gomez allegedly couldn’t look past Bieber’s feelings for his ex, Hailey Baldwin. Not only had the two grown up, Bieber and Gomez had finally grown apart as well.

March 1, 1994 someone I know that happens to be super cool was born. Boom.

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Bieber and Baldwin first sparked romance rumours three years ago and have been linked together (on and off), since then. It’s reported that they most recently rekindled their relationship several weeks ago and while enjoying trips to Miami and New York City together.

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Justin reportedly popped the question while the pair were in a restaurant in the Bahama’s together. Before proposing, he requested all the other patrons put their phones away.

Like Gomez, we have to say we were a little surprised to hear the news, which has now officially been confirmed by the Grammy winner on Instagram.

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Congrats Biebs, admittedly we will all be watching the next chapter. The Biebs popped the question, here’s a few things you might want to discuss with your fiancé if you’re planing on doing the same. 

Janine Player, Financial Planner at Old Mutual Private Wealth Management, says couples who want to have a successful and mutually beneficial relationship should be honest about their financial position before heading into their marriage. “Although financial security may not be top of the list for many couples looking to settle down with their dream partner, lack of transparency regarding one’s financial situation upfront can lead to marital turmoil in the future.”

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Also, what’s really important is setting clear financial goals. Now that two is becoming one, it’s important to discuss your financial goals for the future. These include buying property, financing your children’s education, your retirement plan, insurance for your lifestyle needs, and setting up an emergency fund for rainy days. And while we all get our books in order, cheers to the Biebs and all the lessons we’ve gathered through both his debauchery and new-found maturity.

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