How To Tune Your Whistle

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1. Slick Up
Your lips should be moist but not so soggy that you shower your audience. If your kisser is dry, sip some water or apply a thin layer of lip balm. Chapped lips can impede airflow.

2. Watch Your Mouth
Purse your lips – the opening should be about the diameter of a pencil. With your tongue resting on the bottom of your mouth, gently curve your tongue so the tip rests just behind your lower front teeth. This allows a concentrated stream of air to pass through your pursed lips.

3. Blow It!
Push air out gently, adjusting the tip of your tongue up or down to find your note. The air should float over the top of your tongue as you blow, producing one sustained sound. Once you find it, practise a few minutes each day for a week until your wispy airstream becomes a clear, consistent note.

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