6 Easy Ways To Be A Real-Life Superhero And Save The World

Want to save the world? It's a lot easier than you think. You can do it by making these six environmentally-friendly swaps.

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Let’s face it, no matter how old you are, the next-level superhero moves that have been released have left us all wishing we were part of the Marvel Universe. There couldn’t be anything more thrilling than being a superhero and saving the world.

A recent study by Scientific American found that some men avoid making eco-friendly choices because they believe it undermines their manliness. The research consisted of seven experiments involving over 2 000 participants. They found that both men and women perceived eco-friendly products, behaviours and consumers as more feminine than those who weren’t green. And honestly, we’re a tad concerned that in 2019 some men think their “manliness” is more important than uh… I don’t know… the entire existence of the planet and life itself.

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But if you’re not concerned about people’s opinions and you’d like to help save the world from plastic and unnecessary waste (which is slightly less glamorous than Thanos), we’ve found the six easiest ways that are almost as simple as a click of the Thanos infinity gauntlet fingers.


“Up to 12 million metric tonnes of plastic enter our seas worldwide every year. The sea is choking,” say Greenpeace Africa. The latest target? Straws. One straw takes up to 200 years to break down. Ocean Basket took a huge stand when they banned the use of all straws and plastic bags in their restaurants. And now it’s your turn to save the world one straw at a time.

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Stainless steel straws are a the new accessory for hipsters everywhere. They’re great because well, there’s the obvious, they’re not single use OR made from plastic. And they’re small enough to carry around wherever you go.

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Stainless steel straws are also super durable and much better than, say a glass straw, which could easily break in your bag.

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Say No To Plastic Bags

In one experiment, both male and female participants perceived a person who brought a reusable canvas bag to the shops as more feminine than someone who used plastic bags. Regardless of whether the shopper was male or female, they were perceived as more feminine. Ok. So you’re willing to pollute the world because you don’t want people to see you carrying a shopping bag? Really?

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In South Africa alone, over eight million plastic bags are produced every year. One of those plastic bags takes up to 1 000 years to breakdown. There’s just no justifying your plastic usage, no matter who might think you’re “carrying shopping bags like a girl”. Um, Grade 2 called and they want you back in class, dude.

For your loose fruit and veg, stop using those flimsy produce bags you get in stores and take your own.

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Did you know? That when fruit ripens it releases a gas called ethylene. Ethylene is a natural byproduct of the process, but i also speeds up the ripening process. Storing your bananas in a breathable bag will prolong their shelf-life!

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And ditch the plastic packets and use shopper bags. Most grocery shops have them at the tills if your memory has failed you and you forgot to take your own. You will always find a use for them. Alternatively, you can order a couple of hemp shopper bags .

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This soft, yet super durable reusable shopper bag is made from hemp. Hemp is a natural wonder fibre which is 3 times stronger than cotton, an almost as soft.

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Carry A Water Bottle

If you had to take a look in your car right now, there would probably be a few half empty water bottles scattered around on the floor. You might not think your water bottle collection that could form part of a contemporary art museum is troubling, but it is. Six million bottles are dumped every single day in South Africa. EVERY SINGLE DAY! It’s even worse when you consider one plastic bottle takes up to 700 years to breakdown to micro plastics.

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The lightweight but durable drinking bottle is especially great for cyclists and sports-lovers. The sturdy handle makes it easy to carry around at the gym, and the dimensions fit a standard size bottle-cage on your bike.

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Cut Out Coffee Cups

Over one billion coffee cups are being produced in South Africa every year and one coffee cup takes up to 450 years to break down. That’s a lot of damage you’re doing for your daily cuppa. We’re not asking you to kick caffeine, we’re just saying you can do it better. Get yourself a travel mug that you can take with you to coffee shops. It’s not only great for the environment but your coffee will stay hotter for longer and you can grab-and-go without worrying about spills. Try the Ecoffee Cup in Dark Matter (R219, Buy It Here). It even comes with a heat sleeve so you won’t burn your hand.

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Unlike other bulky travel mugs, your Stojo can quickly be collapsed and expanded.

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Dump Disposable Razors

We don’t literally mean go and dump your disposable razors in the nearest spot you find, that’s part of the problem. We mean, it’s time to bid farewell to that razor that gives a good shave once and then you blink and BOOM, it’s completely blunt and rusted.

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This Double Edge Razor is a totally plastic-free and eco-friendly way to shave your face and legs. The twist-to-open (TTO) top is the easiest way to swap out blades when they dull. And the comb grooves on the head guide hair for uniform shaving.

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It’s easy on the wallet and great on the face.

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Don’t Waste Water

As a South African, by now you must’ve been affected by the water crisis in some way. And if this hasn’t made you a more conscious consumer of water, you really should start considering it. Cape Town is set to be the first city in the world to run out of water. So it’s time to do your bit and save water, no matter where you are in SA. You’ve heard the saying “save water, shower with a friend.” Well, there are actually better ways to save water than climbing in one with someone else.

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he Luxury Spa Showerhead has an oversized 11 cm diameter spray head, and pressure compensator to evenly deliver and conserve water.

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Supersize your superhero savings by getting one of these Ecoflow Adjustable Aerators.

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This aerator for your tap which reduces your water flow to just two litres per minute (most taps flow at a rate of 15 litres per minute)!

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