How To Open A Beer With Another Beer

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Something that you’re probably perfected by now but just in case you need to brush up on this very important skill of learning how to open up a beer bottle. Here is how to open up a bottle without the benefit of an opener which is something to aspire to.

You can use this trick at a party, braai or game day either to impress your friends, a lady friend or everyone you know. Ideally without chipping your teeth, there are many ways to open a bottle, such as household appliances to street furniture but there is one way to pry off a beer cap quickly, easy and requires no doing.

All you need is two beer bottles and you’re set, here is a step by step guide as to what to do.

  1. Hold a bottle in each hand (if you weren’t already), if you’re right- handed, the bottle in your left hand must be upright. Do reverse this if you’re left-handed.
  2. With your fingers around the beer’s neck, place your index finger just below and a few centimetres away from the bottle top, as if you are pointing at someone in front of you.
  3. Place the bottle in your right hand, top facing down, between your index finger and thumb. Tuck the bottle cap under the edge of the left-hand bottle cap, using it as a fulcrum to pop the cap off.
  4. Whilst keeping you left elbow tucked tightly into your side, bring down the right-hand bottle in one smooth movement to pop the cap of the left bottle.


And voila, take a sip with a satisfied smile on your face, while those around you nod or smile in awe of your party trick.

Watch the video by searching for “How To Open A Bottle of Beer The Scandinavian Way” on YouTube

– Alice Paulse

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