How To Get The Best Price At A Car Dealership

Click before you deal.

Click Before You Deal

Buying a car can take more than five long hours at a car dealership, according to Autotrader. So do your research and lock in the best price before visiting.

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Delay Gratification


Dealers have an incentive to move the metal that sits on their lot. Resist that pressure, and build the car you want to your specs on the brand’s website. Then bring that info to the dealership. Savvy dealers will attempt to locate a match. For vehicles in high demand, expect a wait.

Avoid The Upsell


Dealers make their money on high-mark- up extras such as paint protection, extended warranties, and other stuff that exploits buyer insecurity. You don’t need any of it. Say so. Repeat it.

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Wear Your Poker Face

If you choose to haggle, be willing to walk away. Don’t let on that you’re dying to get behind that wheel. Decline all offers until the dealer gives you the price you want.

Use The Calendar

In the closing days of the month, salespeople may accept less to make their quota. Dealers may even take a loss if it helps them reach their target number, because manufacturer bonuses can make up the difference. And you’re the winner.

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