How To Fend Off A Mugger

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You know you’re supposed to cooperate if you’re being mugged, but how does a tough guy like you whip up the courage not to act?

Here’s how to fend off a mugger.

First, understand your attacker. “Most of us don’t live with violence every day,” says Mark Connelly, a Cape Town-based psychologist, who specialises in trauma counselling. “For many criminals, however, it is a way of life. If they demand that you do something and you react with aggression, they will quickly resort to violent tactics to subdue you. This may even be because they are also nervous and highly stressed in the situation.”

That said, if an attacker makes a move to hurt you or a loved one, you have to drum up every bit of nerve you have. A healthy dose of sheer ferocity may swing the verdict your way. “Go nuclear,” advises martial arts instructor Lawrence Kane, co-author of The Little Black Book of Violence (R240 “Be as ferocious and aggressive as possible. All things equal, the guy with the most intensity wins.

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