How To Face The Great Unknown

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Life seems futile and every day brings us closer to our inevitable extinction. At least, that’s how it feels when you’re stuck in a car filled with bickering and squawking kids for hours on end. Sometimes it takes guts to just keep living your life, which may or may not have turned out the way you wanted. “You have to come to terms with the fact that we all have this life to live,” says Mark Connelly, a Cape Town-based psychologist.

The way to find the courage to keep going, he says, is to focus on creating meaning and purpose in your life. As long as it’s a positive influence it really doesn’t matter what this is. “Some people choose promotion or making money while others may focus on family or religion,” he says. “It’s about holding on to the belief that there will be something more beyond this point.” Still feel like a mosquito spiralling inexorably toward the bug zapper? Have sex. The most powerful form of human connection is touch; this releases oxytocin, the hormone that binds mothers to children and husbands to wives. Studies show that elevated oxytocin levels reduce the sensations of pain and fear. “Making physical contact with others is a great response,” says Connelly. “The body contact and hormone release make you feel better.”

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