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Kirsten Curtis |

Don’t smash the puck and hope for the best. Slow down, study your opponent and wait for your time to strike

The grip

Plant your index and ring fingers firmly in the groove between the knob and the rim of the mallet. Your middle finger should bend slightly, with the knuckle touching the knob. Your thumb and pinkie should rest outside the mallet. Move the mallet by turning your wrist, not your hand. This allows you to react faster to the puck.

The defence

Hold the mallet about a foot from the goal, and don’t sweep too far to chase the puck – you’ll leave yourself open. When you block a shot, tap the puck lightly to keep it on your side. Then look at your opponent’s position before firing back.

The offence

If you find your opponent guarding the goal closely, attack him with straight shots to either corner of the goal. If he usually keeps his mallet out away from the goal, bank the puck off the side rail so the puck travels around and behind the mallet before he can bring it back to block the goal.

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